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The subtle art of not giving a fuck by mark manson
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This month, I decided to recommend one all-time favourite of mine, when it comes to personal growth books and how to reach happiness. It’s so good, chances are you’ve probably heard of it. Yes, the book we are speaking of is none other than The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson.

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The reason for recommending this book

Since I spend a lot of time commuting, I am an avid listener of audiobooks. At the time I purchased this book, I was in a very stressful time of my life, where I would overthink stuff or put importance on things that did not need it. This caused me to pause and look at my life and maybe look for some way to fix it. One of the easiest ways how to do that were personal growth books. I tried a few different ones that I will also recommend, but at this time, the book that helped me the most was this one. I ended up focusing on things that mattered to me and eventually, my happiness rose as well. Hopefully, this book will also work for you.

Something about the Author

I admit right away that I do not know much about the author Mark Manson. For me, this man can be a fabrication, someone’s pen name. Yet, his words were extremely relatable. He described himself as a man that was considered a failure by everyone and even himself. That was until he decided to spend some time looking for a way out of this and eventually succeeded. He’s now a bestselling author in the personal growth niche and if you read his books or even his articles, you’ll know why. If you’d like to know more about him, I’ll leave his website right here he basically writes self-help books for people in a style that speaks to people who hate self-help stuff.

About the book

Finally, we are getting to the book. At first I bought it randomly. I just saw it was a popular book, the title was interesting and the reviews were very positive. Since I was in need for a good personal growth book, as I said above, this seemed like a good choice. After all I can always return books on audible if they are not what I like.

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck is a book that funnily enough, teaches you to give a f*ck. Even though the title might be a bit misleading, the book is not just about the things you should ignore, but also about the things you should focus on. It talks about personal values, how to live a happy life and how to reach happiness. It gives you stories with examples and it makes a good point at the end of each of them. Most importantly, it tells you how to prioritize your own self in a healthy way.

My favourite parts of the book were the ones that talked about inner confidence, personal growth through balanced life and prioritizing your own happiness without hurting others.

Style of writing

Everything in this book is written in a style that doesn’t feel preachy. You’ve probably heard the preachy style a million times before if you’ve read any personal growth books. Mark Manson is a man that goes straight to the point in a nonchalant way. It almost reads like a friend, that wants you to get better. As if he’s a sort of a life-coach that had enough of people doubting themselves or their own happiness.

Weirdly enough, as nonchalant as this book is, it feels like it respects not only your time but also you as a person, which is a feeling I rarely get with personal growth books.


The subtle art of not giving a f*ck is a great read for people that feel bit lost in their life and don’t know why. It won’t give you a life goal or a sudden way to make millions, but it will teach you how to be a happier person. And that, that is a stuff worth of recommending.

If you’ve had an experience with this book or any other that you’d like let me know what it was in the comments below. Was there a book that changed the way you look at life? I’d like to hear about it. After all, we all would like to be a little happier.

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