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It’s been 4 years since I started my side hustling journey. As an aspiring writer back then, I saw a youtube ad for the Grammarly web extension that checks your writing and thought… why not? After all, extensions can be easily uninstalled at any time with two clicks. A grammar checker can be useful, right? And now, 4 years and over a million checked words later, I can’t imagine my writing without it.

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What is Grammarly and how it works?

Grammarly is a piece of software, more importantly, an extension, that you install into your browser. The program is pretty much a grammar checker or spellchecker. Every text field you type in will have either a little Grammarly logo or just a small dot next to it. If everything’s okay with your text, the dot will be green. But, if there’s a mistake, this grammar checker turns the dot red or yellow.

Yellow are things that could be done better. Maybe the sentence is a bit hard to read or perhaps it could be shorter. Red means, you have an outright mistake in your text and Grammarly will underline the problematic part. Let me show you an example.

Here we can show it underlined some mistakes in the text. At the bottom right, you have the red dot telling you there is something wrong. If I now put my mouse over the words, it shows what kind of mistake there is and how to fix it. You can then just click the suggestion and it’s done.

And there we go. Three clicks and the paragraph is fixed.

As you can see, the text has a nice green dot at the bottom right, telling us everything is as good as it can be.

What does Grammarly check?

In its basic version, it checks the grammar, spelling, punctuation, conciseness and even a tone of your text. That means it’s AI system can tell you if your text sounds to the reader cheerful, informative, informal and more.

The premium version then adds a lot more to its checking capabilities. It makes sure your sentences sound more natural, that you are consistent in your spelling and punctuation if your formatting is correct, it offers synonyms or checks for the repetitiveness of your sentences and so much, so much more. Check their premium plan once you register if it piqued your interest.

Why is a grammar checker good for your business?

Originally, I thought that Grammarly is essential only for non-native English speakers. Sadly, the more blogs and e-books I read, the more obvious it turns out that Grammarly is pretty much necessary for anyone who works with text.

There are so many simple typos and grammatical errors that could be simply avoided by the usage of a grammar checker. It’s hard to take someone seriously as professionals in their field if you see them repeat simple mistakes that could’ve been avoided. We are talking mistakes in banners, adverts, blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, descriptions, e-mails and so on.

Mistakes in your text just simply stop you from reaching more customers. It can also cost you money. It is your main form of communication, so make sure you communicate everything as clearly and flawless as you can. It’s okay to use some help. None of us is flawless.

Some more interesting things about Grammarly

There are some more things that I really like about Grammarly in particular. They send you weekly e-mails with your stats, just like I mentioned in this article about plugins. In these statistics, you can see how many words Grammarly checked for you since you installed it, how you compare with your writing to the rest of Grammarly users or what are your most common mistakes. It also has achievements that you can reach if that’s the kind of thing you like.

Grammarly can also be installed on your phone’s keyboard or into programs like word or google docs, to provide you with its functionality even outside your browser. It is also compatible with native Windows and macOS programs.


And that’s pretty much all I wanted to say about this program. I know this article sounds like one giant ad, which in a sense it is, but it’s because I had such a great experience with it. I wrote my first book using it and it saved me a lot of time in editing by eliminating my typos and punctuation mistakes and I keep using it all the time. Even now as I write this summary, I see the little green circle working.

Hopefully, you are now convinced to use this extension and will be happy with it as much as I’ve been all this time. It’s been one of my favourite products ever since I started using it so I hope it will be yours as well. If you know someone that might need it or you just liked the article, feel free to share it. It helps a lot. Now, enjoy your day, you beautiful person!

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