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Have you looked for hosting for your blog and couldn’t find an affordable alternative? Don’t worry, so did I. After all, the blog is just a bunch of text and pictures. I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. I just wanted a reliable service with good security and price that would not get me to regret my decision two months later. Well, I’m happy to tell you that I found it! It’s in my own country and it costs 1 euro a month! Don’t worry, it’s not Bluehost and yes, it is in English. Anyway, without further ado, let me introduce you to OneBit.

Disclaimer: All OneBit links in this article are affiliate links. Your purchase through them supports my site. If you decide not to use them, that is your decision and I respect it. Just know that I am using OneBit myself and I was happy with it enough to write an article about it. Now, continue reading, you beautiful person.

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What is OneBit?

OneBit is a Czech hosting company that has a surprisingly great ratio of price to performance. I got them recommended by my friend, who was laughing at me for using GoDaddy for my previous blog (you can see the only article that survived from it right here). “You’re having a blog, why are you paying so much?” Was his question. To which I couldn’t really answer properly. And so I looked into it.


Okay, you could see me promote Bluehost around here, since it’s recommended 1# WordPress hosting, but I believe a person should always have a choice. So I looked into this one. Being #1 recommended by the platform I was going to use was a big thing. How could OneBit top this?

Well I looked into the references. Here are some:


You might recognize some small brands like O2, Subway, Playboy, KIA, Hyundai etc. These are billion-dollar companies. But sure, they are not really IT companies. (Although OneBit apparently has over 25000 customers under their wings.) Is there anything else? Yeah. I found out they won quite a few important awards.

You can read more of their awards and references on their page. I know I sound like I am overselling them, but after the experience with other hosts, I strongly believe I need to push them forth to you. Also, I found this one funny.

What are their hosting plans?

Well, if we go to their little web hosting page, we can see the following:

1 EURO is about 26CZK

I know, I know, it’s in some unknown currency CZK. The good old Czech Koruna. Here. I attached a currency converter for easy conversion into your currency.

Yes, this is not a joke. They have a plan that costs about 1 Euro or $1.2 per month. You can check their other plans, but if you are creating a blog or a very simple website, you need just the starter plan. After all, you can always upgrade later. But, I don’t think you’ll need to.

Why Starter plan?

Their starter plan is the cheapest one. I’m going to be 100% honest. I’d get more money from Bluehost or if you’d pick any other plan, but luckily, I still care about my integrity (at least for now). I want you to have a great experience! I know I have it!

Look, if you don’t trust me, stop reading now and look up any other hosting and see what services they provide for what price. I guarantee you, you will come back. That’s how certain I am you will be happy with this choice. So what will you get with starter plan?

What is included?

I recommend going through the entire plan on your own, but the numbers can be confusing, so let me explain with my experience.

1 GB guaranteed flexible disc space.

What does this mean? OneBit‘s space grows with your website. Their system copies your data to other disks, which also serves as a backup, and if needed, more disks can be added with no additional cost. You might be asking, isn’t 1GB too little? My hard drive in my PC has a thousand Gigabytes.

No. Your blog is text and pictures. Sometimes videos, but those are usually linked from YouTube, so they take no space. If you have a website that has 1GB, you either have a giant e-shop filled with pictures, a pretty damn big artist portfolio (we’re talking hundreds of pictures) or app like Instagram. Possibly a forum, but even those have limits in picture size. Look the point is, for a blog, this is all you need. Trust me. In the worst-case scenario you can buy more.

Application Installer

This beautiful thing allows you to install WordPress with a few clicks. And not just WordPress. Programs like Drupal or Joomla! as well. It looks like this in the administration:

You just put your mouse over the service you want to be installed, click install, follow instructions (You can always click the blue “?” button when you are not sure) and you have your very own WordPress for 1 euro a month.

SSL Certificate and “Standard” support

You get a free SSL Certificate to your hosting. Sadly, you won’t get it automatically. What you need to do is to send this e-mail to the support ( once you have your website.

Hello Support,

Can you please attach an SSL certificate to my website: ___ENTER YOUR WEBSITE___

Thank you and have a nice day.

Since we are talking about their support, you’ll be shocked by how fast they answer. I know I was. Maybe I was lucky but my ticket got solved in 10 minutes. They’ve been very consistent with how fast they answer.

Free restoration of your data

Did you screw up something in your website’s code? Contact the support I mentioned above and they’ll restore your data. OneBit keeps backups of your data for a week! And that’s the starter plan. Yes, we are still talking 1 Euro a month. Just to compare it to an unnamed blue hosting company, to enable backups of your data, you need to pay 2.57$ a month. Here it’s free.

FTP server, MySQL database and your very own E-mail

You get full access to your FTP server to upload any data you need. You can do this through WordPress plugins, but if you want, you can also access it from their administration tool. Same goes with MySQL and your very own e-mail. Yes, e-mail. For free! I feel like a cheesy salesman, but after going through so many hosting services I am still baffled by this. You don’t have to worry about the account size, even though 200MB is a lot. You can set up e-mail forwarding to your own Gmail and automatically delete everything in this e-mail. So you get a nice e-mail such as

E-mail offer. The left column is the starter pack.

Some other things to mention

You also get, PHP 5/7, Anti-DDoS protection, AntiMalware protection, FTPLocker, IPDefender, SMS notifications about your e-mails, unlimited traffic and number of 3rd level domains. And last but definitely not least, 99.8% uptime guarantee. Which, let’s be honest, for your blog is absolute heaven. I’ve been using them for several months now and had no trouble whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service in English?

Yes! At the top of the page, you’ll see the language options. Just click EN. Once again, don’t be afraid to contact the support if you need help with anything. I can’t stress enough how stellar of a job they are doing. They are so good I’d send them an e-mail if my house was on fire, because I know they’d answer faster than the fire department. (That is a joke, please if your house is one fire, call the fire department and be safe.)

So, does their support work in English?

Yes! Yes, they do. I asked them directly as that was the first thing I needed to know if I was going to recommend this service globally.

I bought the plan, but my administration panel is in Czech. How do I change it?

You are probably staring at this site if you just logged in:

Don’t worry, just scroll down and you see:

Výchozí jazyk” means default language. Just select English and click the blue button “Uložit změnu nastavení” and your problem is solved.

Where do I get my OneBit login details?

All your stuff should be e-mailed to you. This includes a login to the administration interface. Login to your FTP server, MySQL server and the e-mail client.

How do I install WordPress?

I mentioned this above, but just in case you don’t want to scroll up, you login into your administration interface, then go to Services at the top, FTP and then Application Installer.

Then you simply click on the Install button that shows up as soon as you move your mouse over WordPress. A simple window will popup. You basically want to just pick the first folder that shows up and put in your e-mail. You also want to put in your MySQL database you created.

How do I create a MySQL database?

It’s incredibly simple.

Step 1: Go to Services -> Database -> Administration of MySQL databases

Step 2: Scroll down until you see a blue button Create MySQL Database and click on it.

Step 3: Select a quota for your database. I selected 25MB but you can select 50 MB. It doesn’t really matter. You can always change it later so pick the biggest one you can.

Just like that.

Step 4: Click Create.

Now you can use this database to create your WordPress site. It will show up in the options. Don’t forget to add your password that you’ll find in your e-mail.

Once you click install you’re done and you can go to your very own dashboard. OneBit will send you an e-mail with all WordPress login details.


As you could see from the screenshots provided, I’ve been using this hosting for my own blog, this one. I wasn’t sure at first if I should recommend it without having enough time trying it out. After all, every blogger out there promotes BlueHost, so I wasn’t sure if there was a catch of some sort. It turns out OneBit is just really good service. A service that is very flexible, making it affordable for everyone. This is probably the most sales-y article I’ve ever written, but I stand behind everything I’ve said. I’m a little bit sad I haven’t written it sooner to be honest.

Anyway, I hope you now understand why I like this service and why it was my choice when picking my hosting. Hopefully it will be yours as well. If not, then let me know if you’ll find a better one so I can let others know as well. If you liked the article, feel free to share it with others. Also, if you have any questions about OneBit and I mean ANY questions, let me know in the comments below. Now, have a wonderful rest of the day, you beautiful person and perhaps check out my other blogging articles.

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