When do you truly fail?

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I see many people around me trying tasks that they know they like, but later giving up on them because they felt like they have failed in doing them. It might be that they have tried exercising and stopped. Maybe they tried a hobby and the struggle got too hard. Perhaps they wanted to start a business and it turned out to not be profitable. At that point, people tell themselves they have failed and never touch the said thing again. But, is that the truth?

Your passion matters

When you start something, you most probably start it, because you are passionate about such a thing. You start reading stuff about it, study all the details and then it comes to applying those things. At first, it seems easy. Things might not work out as you imagine, but you keep going, because you enjoy the process, because you see the destination in your mind, because you are passionate. It’s the last thing that’s the most important in doing anything in your life.

Once the passion runs out, you start to feel like you are just going through the motions. Like the thing you are doing have no merit or reason. That the thing is bound to fail. This can be stopped. You can stop this. All you have to do, is to reignite that passion.

Reigniting your passion

When you are feeling like the passion has left, like the weight of failure rests on your shoulders, there are ways to get out of this feeling. There is a reason why there are motivational videos on YouTube that have millions of views. Why we look towards the people that are on the top, the people we admire. It is because these things, and many more, that we remember the goal we have set for ourselves way back when we started.

Listen to anyone that achieved anything in life and you will find that they were incredibly passionate about their thing and that kept them going, no matter how many times they have failed in the pursue of it.

Before giving up on the thing you are doing, try to remember why you started with it. What was that end goal? What was the reason you kept going at first? Most importantly, look where you were when you started. Chances are, if you’ve been doing something for even a short period of time, you’ll see that you moved forward. It doesn’t matter how far. You are now further than you’ve ever been.

One step at a time

If you feel like the path you walked so far was worth it, then pause a little and close your eyes (not immediately, you still need to read further). Picture your end goal. The reason why you started. Try to remember yourself at that start. Anything in between doesn’t matter. There is just the start, where you are right now and the end goal. Focus on one step at a time. Reevaluate the things you have done and learn from them.

Maybe you are writing a blog and you ran out of post ideas. Well, read through your old posts and see what topics you mentioned that could be branched further.

If you are an artist, look at your past mistakes and see how can you fix them. Make a list out of them and tackle each one in an order that seems the most fun. Try new ways of approaching things.

If you have a business and it is not profitable, find out why. Try to ask someone passionate about the topic to help you with it. Feed off their energy and embrace it.

Whatever you do, keep moving forward. It takes just one step each time. Not a leap. Just one step, no matter how small. Every single time you make one, think of the most important step you have to take. The next step.

The only failure is the one we accept

Your journey towards your dream will have its failings. The world is made in this way. It is a harsh and cold place, but it can be rewarding as well. Consistency is the key, whenever you want to achieve anything. Have you failed doing something you wanted? Good, now you know what to not do when you’ll do it next time. And you will.

If there is anything you really want, failure can’t stop you. It is only a setback. A harsh teacher that will slap your wrist for doing the thing you wish for not well enough. Then it will give you a chance to stop. To find something else. Once you accept this offer, only then you have truly failed in pursue of your dream.


Failure is a topic I wanted to talk about for a long time. As a person that regularly fails in almost everything I do, it can become depressing. It can feel like the life has no meaning, because no matter what I do, it fails. It is times like these when I try to apply the philosophy I told you about above and it is this exact philosophy that keeps me going through the hard times. Always keep moving forward. If you believe in something hard enough, there is always a way. To walk it you just have to keep taking the steps, no matter how hard they are. One day, you will reach the goal you desire.

And that’s it from me for today. I know this is not a finance advice. Although it might be, as you should always reevaluate why you are failing and learn from it even in finances. I just felt it had to be said. Anyway, I hope this made you at least a little bit inspired. That this post will push you back on your track and if not, don’t worry. I believe in you! You’ll find your way soon!

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