So you want to make money online

So you want to make money online
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Making money online is not an easy feat. Everyone will always tell you that there are fast ways to make money for free. That it’s easy to get passive income if you follow a few simple steps. This is just not true. Let me explain in this introductory article.

Don’t get me wrong, there are ways to make money online and they are definitely possible, but none of them is easy or quick. At least not if you are starting with this. But do not falter. You will make money. It’s not something unreachable. You just need three things to do so.

The three things you need to make money online are time, motivation and most importantly, knowledge.

If you are looking for a quick money-making scheme, you better start thinking of some other way. Here we are going to look at all the ways to make a passive income I can gather. Yes, this web is mostly my opinions and tips, thus the name Green’s Tips. What I gathered so far is for sure the fact that every passive income scheme needs a lot of time. Usually, everything online is a snowball effect. It takes a while to get going, but eventually, it gets bigger and faster. To get the ball rolling you need the knowledge how to do so and eventually, you need the motivation to keep going when you find out it’s not rolling as fast as you’d have thought.

So what is passive income?

Have you ever wanted to make money while you sleep or sitting on a toilet, perhaps when you are on a holiday? It is possible. More than ever before. But how does this work? How can you make money when you are not doing anything? Well, passive income is not completely without work. It only works in a different way.

While in other jobs, you work and get paid for exactly the hours you have worked for or for the task you agreed on, here it works like this. For passive income, you put in a lot of work at the start, getting almost no reward at first. Then, as time goes and you keep adding the things you have created, they eventually get a life of their own. Suddenly you realise you can just do barely any work and still get a lot of money from your previous creations.

Creativity is the foundation of passive income.

Yes, it’s true, creation. For every single passive income job you need to create stuff to let it make money for you. Here we get to the good old, “but Pete (that’s me by the way, nice to meet you) I am not a creative person!” And here I am to tell you, you are wrong. Every person has creativity inside them. I am not saying you need to be an artist to make money – although if you are, you will have it much easier in some ways. You can read this article about some ways to do so. For the rest, don’t worry, there are ways.

Now, fitting all the ways into one post would be pretty much a post of a book’s length and nobody has time to read all that stuff. I will divide stuff to chapters and different branches where I will share knowledge on how to do this stuff. I learned everything off the internet and so shall you. You don’t need to buy a course (although you could sell one later for passive income, but I’ll get to that later) or spend years and thousands upon thousands on schools. You just need to be motivated to get through.

So, before I’ll let you go to the other articles (thank you by the way if you are still reading) I would like to show you some advantages of passive income from the top of my head:

  • Money gets made even while you sleep. We are in a global market. When you sleep, your customers on the other side of the world don’t.
  • You’ll have another source of income. If you have a regular nine-to-five, there is always a possibility you might get fired for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s not even your fault. Passive income gives you security. Without it, you would lose the only income you have, being left stranded and in a rush to get a different job as fast as possible. With this, you still have something to help you through rough times if needed.
  • You are your own boss. No matter what passive income strategy you’ll choose, it will be your own business. No one else will tell you what to do. This might seem daunting, and it is at first, but the more knowledge you’ll gain, the easier things become.
  • It makes you more interesting. This is pretty much a side-effect, but the beauty of this is, you’ll have another topic to talk about to other people. Passive income can oftentimes spring up from your hobbies. It pretty much can be your hobby itself. It’s not something that everyone decides to do, so you suddenly become unique.
  • It will force you to get better with your finances. Let’s get this straight. You’ll be having your own business. That needs financial knowledge. As all things, it is scary at first, but I promise you, it’s easier than it looks. Once you are motivated to do something, things are much easier to learn.
  • You’ll earn skills that will make you more employable. If there is one skill you’ll 100% learn in any of the ways of passive income, it’s online marketing. Things that might sound like completely alien now: SEO optimization, advertising to targeted demographics, influencer marketing, all of these will become your second nature. You’ll learn how to think in a different, more profitable way.

Now some disadvantages, because if there were not any, everyone would be having one way of passive income or another:

  • You need a lot of time and patience. To get successful, you need to experiment, but for that, you need time. Time is the most valuable thing in your life. It’s so valuable it gets changed to money. That’s why you get paid by the hour in most jobs. You need to learn good time management and routines to build your passive income. You don’t need hours upon hours a day to do something, but even setting up an hour a day as a routine can be a struggle for some people. This part is probably the second hardest.
  • You need a lot of motivation to keep going. This is the hardest thing. This path is full of struggles and thorns. You might get lucky and have your first business bloom and become a millionaire over a short period of time, but the rest of us, we will fail several times. Not everything will work. Not everything will be profitable. Some of the knowledge you’ll earn will be for nothing, but that’s okay. It’s a process. Eventually, you’ll find out what works the best for you. Don’t be afraid of failure. Learn when to quit something that does not work so you won’t get into debt, but never quit on your dreams. It is hard to follow all the way when there are distractions or doubts.
  • This is the hard way. I am not going to lie. Pursuing this goal brought a lot of stress to my life at points, but in the end, it was all worth it. I chose the hard way. You will do the same, just expect there to be a lot to learn and a lot of failing. Never be afraid of failure, it is how you learn as well – one of the most effective ways actually. Remember, it’s always easier to not do something. This is not the easy way.
  • And yes, you need a lot of knowledge. Here is the last pillar. You could’ve noticed all three of them are in disadvantages and that’s because all of them take effort. A lot of effort. And all three are either stressful or boring. But, if you are not willing to put that effort in, then none of this will happen. I am trying to be real here. It’s not fun to read books or articles about marketing or to practice a skill, (although it can be) but it is important and necessary step.


If you are still willing to get into the techniques, please go to the other articles on this site that will fit the most for you. I will try to make them as detailed as possible, pouring out my knowledge on you if I can. Since this is the first and introductory article, it is possible not all posts will be up yet since I am only one person, but you can sign up for my newsletter. If you’ll do so, I will use it to inform you when the next article is up.

In short, money can be made online in many different ways. We will go through finances, marketing, youtube, print-on-demand, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, stock photos, brand building and much more on this page…

Now, thank you for reading this article. And remember, it doesn’t matter what you do, the most important step, is always the next one. I’ll see you in the next article.

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